Swapdom’s 1st bday & a giveaway alert!

We’ve been so busy here at Swapdom these days, we almost forgot that we turn 1 on the 18th of October! To celebrate our 1st bday, we’re sharing some (fun) facts about the year past & offer you three high-resolution digital posters with inspirational quotes about sun, travel and….lemons (!) designed by our team.

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Skyscrapers that clean the air

Skyscrapers that clean the air? Why not! Cities often mean pollution, but one city in China is on track to show how urban design can be the ultimate in sustainability and in style.

how it works

how it works

You might not have heard of Wuhan, but the Chinese city is about to smash two records – it will have the world’s tallest building (a skyscraper one kilometer tall!) and the set of two towers built will be some of the most environmentally friendly buildings there are, helping to combat pollution in the city. The skyscraper towers are coated in a pollution absorbing material helping clean the air. The design also creates a wind tunnel which pulls air from across the lake to get cleaned by the building’s vertical gardens. Filters take water from the lake to be cleaned and rainwater will be collected and reused. If that’s not enough the buildings generate their own power – through solar panels, wind turbines and even by using the buildings waste.

This just goes to show that with a little thought we can make our cities work for the people in them and for the planet.

Thanks to our super swapper Hannah Smith /@hsmuzo) for the green tips!

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Sunday’s Green Stat

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Aspen Chic

Swapdom Runway Trends: Aspen Chic

After tipping you off about the two most popular trends of the season (Tailoring & Military Khaki) Swapdom Runway Trends are back for another free closet revamp featuring this time a style inspired by the mountains of Switzerland & Colorado (!): Aspen Chic!

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saving tips swapdom1

5 things you can do in the Fall to become more eco-friendly

We all know that living a bit more sustainably is better for the planet and for our wallets, but sometimes it’s tricky to know where to start. This life hack list of the 5 things you can do in the Fall to become more eco-friendly will help you get going fast this fall!

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Swappers’ Quotes: AllFallDownWell

Some users tell us stuff that make us blush! Check out AllFallDownWell on Swapdom and add her nifty items to your swaps! Not your size? Nevertheless, her quote should inspire you to swap more!


Halloween is a Hoot!

Halloween, Swapdom & Poe

Don’t you love that feeling? The cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner... Here’s what will definitely set your mood right:

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Swapdom Runway Trends: Military Khaki

In an attempt to save you some extra bucks and revamp your closet, we’ve gathered the most fitted Swapdom items to match our new Vogue-inspired Swapdom Runway Trend: Military Khaki! 

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Swapdom Runway Trends: Tailoring

Inspired by Vogue‘s recent trendspotting for the season Fall/Winter ’14, we’re giving you the chance to style your wardrobe for free, shopping Swapdom items that match the up & coming fashion runway trends without any money! Introducing “Swapdom Runway” series, here’s our first featured style for the bold ones:

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Meet the Swapdom Android App!

The wait is over, Android users…the Swapdom Android app is here! With this app, you can easily upload items and swap for sweet finds from the palm of your hand.

Download the app here or find it in Google Play, and spread the word!

Halloween Costume Ideas trick-or-treat-1970s-P

Ready, Set, ‘Ghost!’—Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Buying all-in-a-bag Halloween costumes often gets you an overpriced outfit of underwhelming quality that you’ll only wear once. So why kowtow to the town standard, especially when concocting your own Halloween costume can be easy, impressively creative, and free (hello, swapping!)? Here are a few novel Halloween costumes ideas that aren’t tricky to arrange, but are a treat to wear.

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Swapdom ModCloth Swap Items

Nab New Items Provided by ModCloth

What’s better than being gifted a lifetime supply of ice cream? Not much, but getting free ModCloth might be one of them, and guess what? Our friends at ModCloth have given us 9 brand-spanking-new, adorable items to swap with you! Read more…


Pantone Spring 2015 Fashion Color Report + Swapdom

We’ll admit it. We’re kinda obsessed with Pantone’s spring 2015 Fashion Color Report. Inspired by its loveliness, we pulled one sweet swappable item for each color in the report to create a little ode to this visual eye candy! Comment below to let us know which color is your fave. Read more…

Featured Online Swapper Maggie

Meet Our Swapper of the Month, Maggie!

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and how do you fill your days?

I’m originally from Dayton, Ohio but I moved out here to beautiful Portland, Oregon about nine years ago, so I consider this my home. After working in social services for 8 years, I recently switched gears and accepted an office manager job with a reclaimed wood company. It’s really cool! Our company recycles wood from different sources, primarily from ships that carry steel from Asia, Russia, and Mexico. We also reclaim from other sources, like truck beds, backyard fences, and gym floors and bleachers. It’s so fun, and the products are beautiful!

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Swap Everything

You Can Now Swap in All Categories!

Now, there’s officially no stopping the swapping! Last week, we sneakily launched in all categories. This means you can swap anything up to 50 lbs., from electronics, to antiques, to games, gadgets, gear, and more!

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Swapdom’s Free for All Event!

Of all the ways to let someone know you appreciate them, giving gifts is our favorite…which is exactly why we’re handing out free shipping to all you super Swapdom users AND giving you this gift to pass on to your friends!

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House Cleaning Get Rid of Things Flowchart

Declutter Your Life by Following this Flowchart

Have too much stuff but having a hard time figuring out what to give away? Then follow the advice of this handy flowchart!

University of Texas Austin campus at sunset-dusk - aerial view

Support this Cause: The Kindness of Strangers on Kickstarter

We know it’ll work, but we’d like to read about it anyways! Writer Laura Lee is Kickstarting a campaign to support a 20-hour voyage from Detroit to Austin during which she’ll subsist solely on the sharing economy, an experience she’ll document in a book to be entitled “The Kindness of Strangers.”

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Photo Tips

Score More Swaps With These Photo Tips

One key element in getting more swaps is impeccably presenting the items your offer. And since photos are first impressions here on Swapdom, it’s important to make sure the pics you post are positively pretty. Here are a few simple photo tips that will have your items racking up requests in no time! Read more…

Healthy School Lunch Ideas 5

5 Ideas for Healthy School Lunches That Are Too Stinkin’ Cute

Waxy red apples and tired flops of baloney on moon-white bread might be easy to pack and relatively kid-pleasing, but they’re far from the body- and brain-boosting meals your Mini Me’s deserve. Helping your kids eat more well-rounded lunches doesn’t have to complicated though. Just mix in an iota of creativity from the five recipes for healthy school lunches below, and your kids will have the tastiest, classiest lunches in their class!

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