7 Steps to a Greener 2015

7 Steps to a Greener 2015

It’s never too late to start a couple of small habits that will keep the planet a bit healthier in 2015. Follow these 7 steps to make your life a little more eco-friendly in just a week!

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looking good w Swapdom

Looking Good with Swapdom

Savvy swappers often post online their Swapdom looks! Don’t they look rad?

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Looking Good with Warby Parker

Eyeglasses are a necessity for many of us and a fashion accessory for many more. Warby Parker has recently taken the eye wear market by storm thanks to the chic designs on their shelves, but we like them for another reason – they give a little back.

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Swapdom’s 50 shades of grey

No, by “50 shades of grey” we’re not referring to the much-discussed trilogy by E.L. James. Actually this one is also available for swap on Swapdom, but anyways. This post is about the color palette of grey, a color selected by the muses of street style and fashion bloggers presenting the most absolute winter look. From the almost nude shade of light grey to the color of toner this sophisticated color is ideal for everyday experimentation.

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Swapdom plaid

Swapdom Runway Trends: Mad for Plaid

This week, we go Scottish!

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Woohoo! It’s an 11-person swap!

Woohoo! It’s an 11-person swap!

Some magic just happened on Swapdom! 11 people got happy at once, getting what they asked for, no fuss and at no cost other than shipping! There’s no stopping the swapping on Swapdom! Here’s yet another multi-party circle swap that’s taken place on Swapdom, making for scads of happy swappers! Check out what items were swapped in this super swap below!

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2100 - Copy

Sunday’s Green Stat: 2100

Wondering what will happen in 2100? Click and see…

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rain swapdom

Swapdom Runway Trends: Singing in the Rain

Is it raining where you are? ‘Cause this week’s Swapdom’s Runway Trends are singing in the rain!

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swapdom refer a friend

Win a $50 Etsy gift card! More friends, More Rewards!

Your friends here at Swapdom (that’s us) would like to reward you for bringing in new friends to try out Swapdom. Grab your chance at some Starbucks gift cards PLUS a $50 Etsy Gift Card by referring your friends on Swapdom.

Each week, one of the top referrers on Swapdom will be rewarded with a $50 Etsy Gift Card!

Win one of the three GCs by referring your friends!

The offer lasts until New Year’s Day so start your New Year off on a frugal foot.

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200000 - Copy

Sunday’s Green Stat: 200,000

Wondering what’s hiding behind 200,000? Click and see…

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Swapdom Runway Trends: Feline Femininity

After a short break for Thanksgiving, we’re back on the Runway! This time, we want to make you feel cozy, cat-like!

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Fuel up on Coffee – Differently

Can Coffee Power American cities? 

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cyber monday

This Cyber Monday, Make the Difference!

This Cyber Monday, Make the Difference: instead of shop, SWAP for tech online on Swapdom!

40 - Copy

Sunday’s Green Stat: 40%

Wondering what’s hiding behind 40%? Click and see…

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Kid activities for Thanksgiving!

Overwhelmed by the variety of crafts out there on blogs and Pinterest boards, we chose the easiest, kid-friendly Thanksgiving ideas and activities that are fun for the whole family. Pick two of them to keep the kids occupied while you bake and are up to your eyes with Thanksgiving preparations. Did we mention we have 5 tips for you to do it all stress-free? It’s never too late.

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32m - Copy

Sunday’s Green Stat: 3.2M

Wondering what’s hiding behind 3.2 million? Click and see…

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Swapdom Runway Trends: Velvet night

Don’t you love seeing fashion from the past making a comeback? Dark makeup and velvet are some of the few throwbacks of the season!

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5 tips to make Thanksgiving Stress Free

From ingredients to buy, to the steps for each dish – planning what needs to be done, in what order is a must. So here’s our take for 5 tips to make Thanksgiving Stress Free.

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25percent - Copy

Sunday’s Green Stat: 25%

Wondering what’s hiding behind the 25 percent? Click and see…

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Swapdom Runway Trends: Capes

Living a fairy tale? Hmm, not quite, right? Let me rephrase: Do you want to live in a fairy tale? Get all dressed up like a heroine from Grimm’s Fairy Tales or Arwen (Liz Tyler) from Lord of the Rings with the help of a cape: the outerwear choice for Fall/Winter 2014. The “alluring cocoon with echoes of the fairytale trend” as Vogue puts it.

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